About Texas Senior Games Association

The Texas Senior Games Association (TSGA) is a permanent
not-for-profit organization committed to the senior citizens of
Texas and their desire to compete in senior amateur sports
within the state. TSGA was created to encourage involvement in
senior sports and to promote physical and educational activities
for seniors. The TSGA is associated with the National Senior
Games Association (NSGA). The NSGA, organized in 1985,
sanctions senior games in 49 states, the District of Columbia and
the Veterans Golden Age games that qualify athletes to
participate in the National Senior Games. The National Senior
Games have been conducted biannually since 1987 and has
become one of the largest multi-sport athletic competitions in
the world.

The TSGA is operated by a governing board consisting of
volunteer athletes, local games representatives, sponsors, and
other interested persons. The Board oversees the local games,
the presentation of the Texas State Senior Games each year, and
every two years identifies those athletes qualified to represent
Texas at the National Senior Games.

The TSGA accepts donations and gifts for the continuation of
these statewide activities. Donations to the TSGA are
tax-deductible. To contact TSGA
click here.
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