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NSGA Rules:

The Texas Senior games Association (TSGA) uses the rules published by the
National Senior Games Association (NSGA) for the 2011 Summer National
Senior Games for all events offered at the national senior games.  Any
exceptions are noted below.  The TSGA publishes rules for  sports and
events, not offered at the national senior games.  The NSGA rules for the
2011 Summer National Senior Games may be found at the NSGA website, .   The NSGA distinguishes between sports and events in the
following manner:  Track is a sport, 100 meter dash and 400 meter run are
events; Tennis is a sport, singles, doubles and mixed doubles are events.  
Number of Events an Individual may Enter:

The number of events limitation as described in the 2012 NSGA Rules
does not apply for the 2012 Texas Senior Games.  An individual may
enter as many events  consistent with the games schedule.  Sports
competition will not be delayed in order to allow a competitor to
complete competition in another sport.  

Teams at the Texas State Senior Games must comply with the roster
limits and number of out-of-state players limits as defined in the NSGA
Doubles Partners:

Doubles teams consisting of one Texas resident and one Non-Texas
resident will be considers as an out-of-state team for qualifying down
purposes.  In national games qualifying years this mixed residency team
can qualify by winning a qualifying place as defined in the NSGA rules
but will not displace a Texas residency team.   A Texas team will also

After registering for the Texas State games partner changes must be
completed no later than the registration cut-off date.   
There will be no
“on the spot” partner substitutions at the state games.

NSGA Rules for the 2011 Summer National Senior Games significantly
changed the doubles substitution rules.  Partners who qualified
together no longer have to play together at the next higher level.  The
new rule states that an athlete qualified for a doubles event in a sport
who loses his/her partner may recruit a new partner, so long as that
individual is qualified in that same sport.
We anticipate that this 2011
rule will be the same in the rules for the 2013 national games.
Non-National Sports
Rules for those sports
offered at the Texas State
Games that are not offered
at the National Games will
be posted before the State
Awarding Duplicate Medals

The Texas local games policies on awarding of medals to both local and
out-of-state participants vary. Contact the director of the regional
game to get more information on the awarding of medals at that
specific local game.

At the Texas State Senior Games out-of-state participants will be
awarded medals appropriate to the place in which they finish.  Should
an out-of-state resident win a medal a similar medal will be awarded to
a Texas participant.  After actual finishing places are determined, if  
out-of-state participant(s) wins medal(s) then the Texas participants
will be moved up an appropriate number of places so that medals are
awarded to the top finishing Texans.  These medals are in addition to
those awarded to the out-of-state finishers.  Out-of-state participants
will not be advanced should Texans finish in medal positions.  This rule
is consistent with the NSGA rule on qualifying out-of-state and local
state athletes for the national games.

Athletes are not required to qualify to enter the 2012 Texas State
Senior Games.  Anyone, age 50 or above as of 31 December 2012,
may register for the 2012 Texas Senior Games.