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2010 Inductees

Linda Douglass - Rosenberg

Linda began her senior games career as a volunteer before she was
old enough to compete.  She saw how much fun everyone was having
so she signed up as soon as she turned 50.  She is a regular participant
and medal winner at the Houston Senior Games and has won medals
at other local games around the state.  Linda has competed in the
state games since 1996 consistently placing in high jump and javelin.
She has qualified for and attended all national games since 1997.  She set the record
for high jump in her age division in the 2001 and the 2005 national games.   As a
physical education teacher Linda was an inspiration to her students showing them
that you can continue to be active and participate in sports long after he school
days are over.  She brings that same inspiration to her fellow senior athletes today
setting the example of a healthy live style and maintaining fitness.

Jim Gerhardt - Houston

Jim has been an athlete all his life.  In his earlier years he represented
the United States at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki, so it could
be expected that he would be a part of the senior games when he
became eligible. Jim has participated in the Houston Senior Games
since 1991 winning medals every year.  He also competes in other
local games around the state.  Jim first entered the Texas state
games in 1994 in Arlington (where the Texas state games began).  Since then he
has been at every state game except three - duties as a care giver for a family
member kept him from two games and a major hurricane kept him from another.  
He came home with gold or silver medals in field events from all of these games.  Jim  
also participates in senior games in other states.  He represents Texas senior
athletes quite well at the national games;  competing in all games since 1995, except
2007,  and winning medals or ribbons in all of these games.  Jim had by-pass
surgery in 2007 and began a vigorous cardiac rehab program.  He won two gold
and one bronze medals in the state games only 6 months after the surgery.  Jim and
his wife can both speak to the benefits of healthy living and watching the diet; Jo
Lynn with diabetes and Jim caring for his heart.  

Jennie Hughes - Houston

Jennie began her senior games track career in Michigan and continued running track
when she moved to Houston.  She first competed in the 1992 Houston games and
could be seen on the track at the Houston and Texas State games almost every year
thereafter.  She won her last medal at the 2008 Houston games in the 100 meter
dash at age 88.  Jennie participated in two national games.  Throughout her life
Jennie was dedicated to a healthy lifestyle that emphasized a balanced diet,
continuous learning, physical and mental activity, and exercise that kept her
youthful beyond her years.  Her dedication to the games has inspired the next
generation to be a part of the games - two of her children have participated in the
senior games.  

Valentine Mora - San Antonio

Val Mora has been a part of the Texas Senior Games since 1994, qualifying
for the 1995 national games and participating in local, state and national
games since then.  He is the type of person everyone wants on their team.  
He plays hard and inspires his teammates to do their best.  He has served
as team manager making sure that his teammates are at the right place
at the right time and are ready to play the game.  Val has senior games
medals in track and field, basketball and softball.   He is an inspiration to those who
play with him and those who compete against him.  Val received many nominations
for the Hall of Fame, they can be summed up by a statement from one of them, "Val
is the kind of athlete we should all emulate ..."

Ed Roberts - Fort Worth

Ed is the second person to be awarded the Texas Senior Games Hall
of Fame Peter Laverty Award.  The selection to the Hall of Fame is
based on "exceptional contributions to the success of the games."
Ed's involvement with the senior games started in 1994 when his
wife, Kay signed up as a competitor and volunteer for the state
games in Arlington.  Her volunteer work involved entering registrations and results
in the games registration computer program.  "Her" work got Ed involved.  When
the state games moved from Arlington Ed continued his work with the Dallas games
and soon became the "go to" person for games registration, reporting results and
conduct of the games.  He was invited to a TSGA board meeting in January 2000 as
a technical consultant and been a fixture at the board meetings since then.  Ed and
Kay have worked with every Texas local game, every state game since 2000 and
worked as a part of the volunteer staff for the 2005, 07 and 09 national games.  
They have become nationally recognized for their expertise in the use of several
registration programs and accurate reporting of results.  Ed was a member of the
TSGA board of directors for 8 years serving as president for 3 years.  In addition to
the almost full time job of keeping the games running and running correctly, Ed
took a little time to compete.  He has medals from several states in shuffleboard and
now serves as an event coordinator for Texas local and state games.  He is an
ambassador for the games speaking at local gatherings and encouraging new
people to get involved in senior games and those that are involved to get more
HOF Class of 2009
Texas Senior Games Hall Of Fame
Nominations accepted for
individuals living or deceased,
the following criteria required:

1. Texas resident for a
minimum of 10 years
2. Participated in the Senior
Games for a minimum of 7
3.  60 years of age or older.
4.  Nominations must be made
by someone other than a
family member or relative.
5.  All persons nominated
must have shown exceptional
accomplishments or
contributions to the success
of the Games and participate
in activities that exemplify
healthy living.
6. The Hall of Fame nomination
form must be completed,
including a summary of
7. Deadline is April 15, 2012
2009 Inductees

Sara Jackson - San Antonio

Sarah started in the senior games 20 years ago and has been to local, state
and national games.  She has competed in Tennis, softball, track and field,
badminton, basketball and volleyball.  Her volleyball team won the championship at
the 2007 National Games.  She says that she enjoys all sports but team sports are
her favorites.    But this enjoyment of sports did not start with her becoming a part
of the senior games.  She and her husband moved 13 times as his job carried him
across the globe.  Sarah determined that she would learn a new sport at every new
location.  She learned the sport and made new friends along the way.  
Typical of our HOF selectees, Sarah exemplifies the result of a healthy life style.  She
advocates a healthy diet – fruits, low saturated fats – plenty of exercise and stick
with it.   

Val Smith - Richardson

To say that Val  is a regular participant in the senior games would be an
understatement.  He was in the first National Game in St. Louis  in 1987
reaching the semi-finals in Tennis.   He has also competed in Track and
Field and basketball at the national level.  He is a regular participant in
most of the Texas regional games, the Texas state games and games
in other states.  He also participates in the USA Track and Field events.  Val  is a
strong advocate for the senior games.  He organizes basketball teams, coaches
others, is willing to help others with their game whenever they ask.  He volunteers
to help in the conduct of the games.  One of the letters seconding his nomination
speaks of his energy and encouragement to others.  Those who know Val can verify
the comments about his enthusiasm for the games.  

Sara Turner - Houston

Sara has been a regular participant in the games since 1995, taking part
in local, state and national games.    She is involved in many sports – in
describing her activities we could say that she pitches (horseshoes), bumps
(volleyball), shoots (basketball), throws (softball and football), runs (track)
and swims.   This reflects a lifetime and life style of sports activity – she
won her first award in Junior High School.  Sara is very active in her church
– a part of the bus ministry, provides transportation and visits those who
can no longer get around on their own. Sara advocates the healthy life style.  She
testifies that the Senior Games have taught her to eat healthy and stay in shape;
otherwise you cannot be your best.    

Arthur "Buster" Chase - San Antonio

Buster has been a regular participant since 1991, with a long list of local, state and
national games where he worked over the competition.   The count includes 19 San
Antonio senior games, 18 Texas state games and several national games as
well as  games in other states.  With all of this he finds time to be a regular
at national table tennis tournaments.   Buster got started in table tennis
at the age of 40 when his boss encouraged, insisted may be a better
word, him to play.  After a few embarrassing losses Buster vowed to get
better.  And get better he did.  The nomination letter did not use these
words, but reading between the lines it is clear that he is dedicated to
his sport -  he works at it.  Buster has written his own story detailing
how he became a table tennis champion.  The sub-title explains his
dedication, “ A love story spanning nearly six decades.”  He shares his passion for
table tennis with others, helping them improve their games and encouraging them
to be a part of the senior games.    
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