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Be a Volunteer!!

Help in making the Texas Senior Games better. Contact the Director of
the Senior Games in your area with your offer to help. Preparing for the
Senior Games is a year round activity. Write a letter to your local area
games and tell them what went well and what did not. Offer to help
with preparing mail-outs, athlete check-in, passing out of materials,
data collection, assisting the sports officials, and a variety of other
Click here for the telephone number or e-mail address for your
local games director

Texas Senior Games Association
3515 Sycamore School Rd #125
Fort Worth, TX 76133

Fax: 817-294-8937
How to register for any Senior Game using the NSGA Games Registration Program

1.  Access the NSGA Registration website –

2.  Log into your account using your account number and password (most people who
participated in senior games in the past two years have an account.)  If you don't know your
account number or password see note below.  If, after following the instructions in the note,
you find that you truly do not have an account in the registration system then create a new

3. After logging on to the registration system Click the 'Account' tab to create to check your
profile and make sure all your personal information is correct. To make changes, click on 'edit
account'.  Your e-mail address and other contact information is especially important since we use
this information to contact you and keep you informed about the Texas Senior Games.

4.  Click on the “Games Registration” tab.  Scroll down to find the Game for which you wish to
register and click “Register Now”.  

5.  The games registration system opens to the "Games Information" page which allows you to
study the events offered, fees, and other games information.  At the bottom of this page there
are two yellow bars.  One is for individuals to register for individual or doubles events or to
request registration on an existing team. The second bar is for team captains only to use in
registering their team.  Click on the appropriate bar and proceed with the registration.
Note:  If you participated in any senior games in the last few years it is likely that you have an
account and registration and results record in the on-line registration system.  If the games have
that record in the database it is important that you use the same account number so the
existing record will be coupled with the new registration and results record.  When your record
was established a six digit account number was given to you.  This is the number that must be
used for you to sign in to the registration system.  After entering the number you will be asked
for your password.  This password will be the same as it was the last time you logged in the
system.   If this is your first time to log into the system you will be given the opportunity to
establish a password.

If you have forgotten your account number click on the "forgot account #" link.  You will be
asked to enter your last name and DOB and your account number will be e-mailed to the e-mail
address of record in the database.  DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT if you have an existing
account If you have an account and create a new one then your past registration and results
information will not be tied to the new account and will likely be lost.

If you have forgotten your password type in your account number on the login page.  The
system will then ask for your password, click on the "forgot password" link.  You will be given the
option to have the password sent to your e-mail of record or to reset the password.  You may
choose either option.  

At the september 2011 Board of Directors meeting the Texas Senior
Games Association elected officers for the calendar year 2012 term.  
(By-laws specify 1 year terms for officers allowing an individual to serve
two consecutive terms.)  The officers for 2012 are:  Sara Sievert President;
Sally Motl, Vice President; Barbara Rippy, Secretary; and Alan Hirshman,
TSGA Officers for 2012
2011 - 2012 State Games
Look for an Important
Announcement about the 2012 State
Games in early November 2011.